In 1870, the grandparents of Andrée Bon, wife of Jean Rullaud, bought what is now the Rousteau-Rullaud property in Maine Dorin, a hamlet of Corme Royal village. When they moved in they brought their copper alambic still with them, to distil in the traditional manner, and which can still be admired today when you visit our wine cellar.

In 1970, Jean Rullaud handed the property over to his sons, Marcel and Pierre, who developed the vineyard and set up as a business. When Marcel Rullaud retired in early 1993, his son-in-law Philippe Rousteau took over alongside Pierre Rullaud.

Today the Rullaud company has become the Rousteau EARL after the retirement of Pierre Rullaud.

Since then our pineau and cognac ranges have born the Rousteau-Rullaud name.

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